I had a blast flying this plane. After I was selected for Navy OCS, I rewarded myself by buying a lesson in aerobatics. It’s not an Extra or a P-51, but it’s solidly built and has a good engine, so you can toss it around. Add an inverted fuel and oil system and you’re in for a good time. But it’s got a positively-cambered airfoil, so if you want to fly inverted, you’re going to be at a very awkward negative pitch angle. Really, when you’re just hanging there in the harness, it’s not very pleasant. Nevertheless, performing loops, rolls, Split-Ses and Immelmanns is awesome. I even got a few spins in that day. There’s no better way to appreciate the full flight envelope than to just go apeshit with the stick and rudder. It definitely got me psyched for Navy flight school.